What is Standex’s ticker symbol and where is the stock traded?

Standex common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol: SXI.

How do I buy Standex stock?

Standex common stock may be purchased from just about any brokerage firm, including discount or online brokerage services. The company does not currently offer a direct purchase program.

When was Standex founded; when did it go public?

Standex was incorporated in 1975 and is the successor of a corporation organized in 1955. It became a public corporation in 1964 and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1969.

How long has Standex been paying a dividend?

Standex has paid dividends each quarter since it became a public corporation in November 1964.
[Note: the actual declaration and payment of future dividends and the establishment of record and payment dates, if any, is subject to final determination by the Standex Board of Directors each quarter after its review of the company’s then current strategy, applicable debt covenants and financial performance and position, among other considerations.]

Does Standex have a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP)?

No, Standex does not currently offer a dividend reinvestment program.

Can I have my dividends deposited directly to my checking or savings account?

Yes. If you wish to enroll in electronic deposit of dividends, contact Standex’s transfer agent. Contact information is presented below.

Who is Standex's transfer agent?

250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 07021
(800)368-5948 or 


What is Standex’s CUSIP number?

The CUSIP number for Standex’s common stock is 854231107.

Is Standex included in any major stock indices?

Yes, the company is a component of the Russell 2000 and Standard & Poor’s SmallCap 600 Industrials indices.

When and where will Standex hold its Annual Meeting of Stockholders?

Changes to The meeting is typically held each year during the last two weeks of October. The actual date, time and location can be found in the proxy statement, which is typically sent out during the second week of September.

Who are Standex’s independent auditors?

The company’s independent auditing firm is Grant Thornton.

How can I obtain more information about Standex?
Please see the Contact IR page of this website or write to:

Investor Relations Department
Standex International Corporation
11 Keewaydin Drive, Suite 300
Salem, NH 03079

How can I obtain copies of Standex's quarterly and annual reports?

Downloadable versions of the company’s annual reports, 10-K and 10-Q filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, proxy statements and recent earnings releases are available on the corresponding Annual Materials, Quarterly Results, and SEC Filings pages of this website.

What is Standex’s fiscal year and corresponding earnings release dates?

The company’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Historically, financial results have been announced late in the months of October, January, April and August.

When is Standex’s next quarterly earnings announcement?

Click on the Webcasts and Presentations link of the Investor Relations page for the date and time of the next earnings announcement.

Can individual investors listen to Standex’s quarterly earnings conference calls with analysts?

Yes. The company’s quarterly conference calls are webcast live at the time of the call and are available for replay following the call. The webcasts can be accessed on the Webcasts and Presentations page of this website.

Which security analysts cover Standex, and how can I receive an analyst report?

Standex does not distribute analyst reports or endorse the information, opinions or recommendations contained therein. For the convenience of investors, however, the analysts who regularly cover the company are listed on the Analyst Coverage page of this website.

Who are the members of Standex’s Board of Directors?

Please see the Corporate Governance section of this website for biographical information about the company’s directors, as well as their Board Committee responsibilities.

In what market and business segments does Standex operate?
Standex is a leading manufacturer of a variety of products and services for diverse industrial market segments. We have 11 operating segments, aggregated and organized for reporting purposes into five segments: Food Service Equipment, Engraving, Engineering Technologies, Electronics and Hydraulics. Overall management, strategic development and financial control are maintained by the executive staff from our corporate headquarters located in Salem, New Hampshire.

The company’s Food Service Equipment businesses are leading, broad-line manufacturers of commercial food service equipment which includes products on the “cold” or in the refrigerated segment of food service applications. We also provide custom applications for other food service-related items such as display cases, rotary vane pumps for beverage handling.

The Standex Engraving Group operates 29 facilities in 16 countries and is a leading provider of industrial textures on injection molds, embossing rollers and plates for the automotive, architectural, paper, electronics, consumer goods, and other markets. We provide our multinational customers with industry-leading digital technology and experienced personnel to ensure that the quality and appearance of their formed parts or materials is the same globally.

The company’s Engineering Technologies Group, consists of the Spincraft® operating segment with plants in Massachusetts and Wisconsin, and Metal Spinners Group, which is located in Newcastle, U.K. The group provides single-source customized solutions using a wide range of world class manufacturing capabilities. Our components and assemblies support the aerospace, aviation, defense, energy, industrial, medical, and marine markets.

The Standex Electronics Group consists of the Standex Electronics unit. Standex Electronics is a manufacturer of custom electro-magnetic components and assemblies, including reed switches and relays, transformers and inductors, proximity and fluid-level sensors, antennas and coils, connectors, lighting products, as well as current sense and planar transformers. Standex Electronics provides custom solutions to its customers serving a variety of markets.

The Standex Hydraulics Group consists of the Custom Hoists operating segment. Custom Hoists provides single- and double-acting telescopic and single stage piston rod hydraulic cylinders to manufacturers of dump trucks, dump trailers, and other materials handling applications. Custom Hoists has two manufacturing facilities and five warehouse locations in the United States. In addition, warehouses and service centers are strategically positioned in Germany, Portugal and China.

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