Engineering Technologies

The Engineering Technologies Group is a provider of innovative, turnkey metal-formed solutions for OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers for their advanced engineering designs.

Our solutions seek to reduce input weight, material cost, part count, and complexity for unique customer design challenges involving all formable materials with particular focus on large dimensions, large thickness or thin-wall construction, complex shapes and contours, and/or single-piece construction equirements. Engineering Technologies devises and manufactures these cost-effective components and assemblies by combining a portfolio of best-in-class forming technologies and technical experience, vertically integrated manufacturing processes, and group wide technical and design expertise.

We intend to grow sales and product offerings by investing in advancements in our current and new technologies and identifying new cutting-edge solutions for these capabilities in existing and adjacent markets via customer and research collaboration.

Our segment is comprised of one business, Spincraft, with locations in Billerica, MA, New Berlin, WI, and Newcastle upon Tyne in the U.K.


This business unit's brand name is Spincraft.

Markets and Applications

Spincraft products serve applications within the space, aviation, defense, energy, medical, and general industrial markets.

  • The space market we serve is comprised of components for space launch systems including fuel tanks, tank domes, combustion liners, nozzles, and crew vehicle structures.
  • The aviation market offerings include a large portfolio of components and assemblies including inlet ducts and lipskins.
  • The defense market we serve covers a wide spectrum of metal applications including missile nose cones and fabrications, large dimension exhaust systems, navy-nuclear propulsion, and engine components for military aircraft
  • Applications within the energy market include components and assemblies for new and MRO gas turbines, as well as solutions for oil & gas exploration operations


Engineering Technologies components are sold directly to large space, aviation, defense, energy and medical companies, or suppliers to those companies.

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